Friday, April 7, 2017

[Professional Development] Coursera : The Future of Education

I am still in the process of finishing an online course on Coursera "The Future of Education". One of my tasks is to add an image, link or description of a famously good teacher from a novel, a movie, or any other fictional or well known context on Padlet. I decided to share about Hardy from "The Man Who Knew Infinity".

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And this is what I wrote :

Hardy - The Man Who Knew Infinity (2016)

Lately, I saw the movie " A Man Who Knew Infinity" about an Indian Mathematician named Ramanujan. The movie was inspired by the real story of Ramanujan, an Indian Mathematician.

Hardy was Ramanujan's professor when he was studying at Trinity College, Cambridge.

Hardy is not the nice and warm kind of teacher. Sometimes he is insensitive. When Ramanujan went through hardships, such as when he was sick or when he was lonely, Hardy hardly ever noticed what Ramanujan was going through.

Since, Hardy and Ramanujan came from very different cultures, at first, Hardy had difficulties in understanding Ramanujan.

Despite that, I do think that Hardy is a good teacher. Hardy was able to see something in Ramanujan that nobody else did.

Ramanujan was "street smart". He had very few formal training in mathematics and before, was an autodidact.

Hardy was able to see that despite the lack of formal training, Ramanujan had the potential to excel in his field (mathematics).

It was true. Ramanujan was one of the best mathematician of his time.
- Dhitta Puti Sarasvati , Indonesia -

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